Staff & Agua Viva Board

Board of Directors

Brent SearwayBrent Searway Agua Viva Ministries has regular board meetings, actively developing and refining the mission, vision, values and goals of this unique organization. The board concurrently meets with its executive staff, in the development of the ministry. There is also a Civil Association (Defensores), that is comprised of the same board members. The Civil Association is responsible for legal and property matters; the AV Board is responsible for the planning and ministries of Agua Viva.

Agua Viva Board of Directors and Defensores A.C. Members

(AVM, Agua Viva Ministries; DEF, Defensores A.C.)

  • Brandon A. Wirth, AVM Chairman President
  • Daniel E. Dyk, DEF Commisioner
  • Brent Searway, DEF Secretary
  • Dennis Ackley, AVM Chief Financial Officer
  • Ineke Glavor, Secretary
  • Lidia Rodriguez 
  • Greg Latimer, DEF Treasurer
  • Ramón Ruiz
  • Juan Rodrigo Ortiz, DEF President
  • Dave Heinrichs
  • Carlos Drew
  • Carlos Perea

Agua Viva Key Advisory Board

  • Scott Camp
  • Michele Evens
  • Neil Sullivan
  • Glenn Ziese

Agua Viva Staff

  • Jason Schultz, Executive Director
  • Kearstin Vander Mel, Short-term Missions Director
  • Olivia Lira, Group Coordinator
  • Becca Malech, Group Coordinator, Donor Relations
  • Gabriel Palacios, Head of Mexican Camping
  • Mary Garcia, Assistant Coordinator for Mexican Camping
  • Toño Luna, Maintenance
  • Alex Gastelum, Head of Maintenance
  • José Luis Martinez, Head of Missions
  • Nora Martinez, Cafetería, Events
  • Sonia Coronel, Accounting
  • Hilda Rentería, Accounting, Administration
  • Gerardo Reynoso, Purchasing, Kitchen
  • Bertha Moreno, Kitchen
  • Ángel Gutierrez, Maintenance
  • Joe Lopez, Maintenance
  • Eunice Álvarez, Kitchen
  • Noriel Valdez, Kitchen
  • Ángel Alvarado, Ministry Coordinator (MTI)
  • Saúl Solis, Dean of Students (MTI)
  • Itzel Guerrero, Childcare
  • Scott Acock, IT Coordinator, Systems Development & Bad Jokes
  • Jared Bishop, Communications Coordinator