Current Needs

We believe God is calling us to be part of training a new generation of church leaders in Mexico. To carry this out we are opening a full, two-year Bible school called Instituto 3:14, and students hungry for a deeper knowledge of God’s word are signing up.
And at the same time our youth camps are full to the brim, and bigger and bigger groups are using our facilities for their retreats and conferences.
With this new influx of people, we have the best kind of problem: we’re running out of room.
Monte Sinaí is a new cabin that we are building. When completed it will house 64 people, ensuring that more people can come to Agua Viva to learn, and go out to serve.
We’re excited for the progress on Monte Sinaí, but the project is far from done, and we need your help to finish it.
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Over the years those involved with AVM have blown us away with their generosity, and you continue to do so today. We are often asked what our biggest needs are, so we put together a list of items that if donated would help the ministry in a big way. If you or anyone you know has or would like purchase one of these items to donate, contact us for more information. And thank you for doing what you do to reach Mexico for Christ.


  1. Foosball Table! Our current little table is a big hit, but on its last legs. Costco sells sturdy ones for $500
  2. Large wheelbarrow for leaves (the big plastic kind that fit more than a regular wheelbarrow).
  3. A Machine to wash engines. Mainly to be able to clean out generator engines.
  4. LED lightbulbs for standard sockets.
  5. (6) Automatic transfer switches – They cost around $600 or they can be made.
  6. Small vehicles, a pickup truck, used cars with good gas mileage.
  7. 4x4 ATV for efficient transport around the ranch.

Instruments and Sound System:

In general our sound system is very old, we are renting one for camps and other larger events. Most pressing needs are:

  1. Sound board – ($400)
  2. Speakers – ($700)
  3. 2 Wireless Microphones - ($500)

VBS / MPE Ministry

  1. (8) 6’ white tables, the kind that fold in half for easier storage and transportation.
  2. 2 Large tarps.
  3. Canned food.
  4. Shampoo, soap, razors, cream, perfume, deodorant for prison inmates.


  1. A medium-sized industrial mixer.
  2. A large rice-cooker. 
  3. A deep frier.
  4. (2) blenders.
  5. Silverware (forks & spoons).
  6. Coffee, sugar, spices, jelly, syrup, peanut butter.


  1. Telephones (land lines).
  2. Projectors: 2,500 lumens or brighter.