MTI 2008 Graduation

Hey Everybody,

Greetings from sunny-but-cold Ensenada, where we never get hardly ever get below freezing according to the temperature gauge, but where you can still feel frozen inside your concrete block house!

Saturday we graduated 55 MTI students!

The dining hall was a mix of decorations: colored streamers and cut tissue paper were hanging above and all around us, but the floor looked ominous with army barricades and armed soldiers.

What was that all about?

The graduation theme, picked and planned for by our second year students, was "Conquering our Land with Courage and Strength," based on Joshua 1:9. Half of the students dressed in colorful typical Mexican attire, and half dressed in army fatigues, representing our battle against evil over our land.

The graduation began with a beautiful time of praise, and was followed by a drama depicting a rather brutal kidnapping and a valiant rescue by the good guys (God’s army) after the people began praying. The lesson was clear: this generation of students is going out into not only a physically hostile world but a spiritually hostile one as well, and must go with the courage and strength of the Lord.

Sara plans to go and serve in Africa, Eduardo will be returning to Chiapas where Christians are martyred still, Manuel and Martha will return to their home near the Gauatemalan border where they will evangelize rebel soldiers in the jungles. Ismael and Rogelio will return to their respective churches working with fellow Huichol Indians. Ubaldo, Rut, Tina, and Maribel will continue their work with children/teens in the town of San Vicente.

So now the Agua Viva camp is quiet. Quiet. Too quiet. But we are praying for our warriors who have gone back to the front lines. Pray for them with us, will you?

And thank you so much, once again, for investing in the lives and the ministries of these heroes of the faith.

We love you!

Allyson Searway