A New Chapter

Schultz Family

Today marks the answer to two and a half years of prayer as we welcome to Agua Viva our new full-time executive director, Jason Schultz. We trust God’s timing and provision, thank all those who have stepped into leadership as interim directors, and gratefully look forward to the future of the ministry. With that said, let us introduce you to Jason.

Jason and his wife Rigel have 3 kids, Abi (8), Alexa (5), and David (2). They have a passion to see God’s kingdom established in Mexico and have been serving in full-time ministry for the past 15 years. Both Jason and Rigel come from missionary families; Rigel’s parents are Mexican and worked in Israel for over 10 years. Jason’s parents, who are American, have been serving in Baja California for the past 40 years. Jason and Rigel met in Bible school and got married in 2000. Since then they have worked as Bible teachers, speakers, musicians, event organizers and associate pastors in different parts of Mexico. They feel God’s love for the unreached of Mexico and have made trips among many of the ethnic groups including the Tarahumaras, Tepehuanes, Huicholes, Mixtecs, Zapotecos and Coras. During the past few years they have ministered in 31 of Mexico’s 32 states. 

Those who do not know Jason should know that Ensenada does know him. Mention the name Jason Schultz around here and people’s faces light up with recognition. We are beyond blessed to have a director who grew up attending Agua Viva camps, who knows intimately the Church body of Ensenada and the surrounding cities, and who has a lifelong passion to see the body of Christ grow.

Let’s cover the Schultz family in prayer as they enter this new place that God has brought them in their ministry. Let’s pray for strength and wisdom directly from the Holy Spirit in the responsibilities and decisions that they are taking on. Let’s pray for peace and unity to be over their family. And let’s pray that we, together with Jason and his family, grow in love for the Lord and our ability to reach Mexico for Christ. And let’s join together thanking God for his provision!