Brent Searway Update

Brent Searway Update

Letter from Brent:

Hello to all of our friends and family in the Agua Viva Ministries Network.  We greet you from our current and temporary home in San Francisco, where I have had a successful brain surgery to remove 90% of a Grade III Oglio-astrocytoma brain tumor, and subsequently been undergoing radiation treatments. After radiation finishes, I will begin another round of chemotherapy. 

The cancer is more aggressive than the doctors originally suspected, but the treatment should minimally buy me some good productive years of life for the Lord.  I know though that I am in God’s hands and He can heal me or take me home at anytime.

I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for being patient with us in this transitional time, for your much-needed, much-coveted prayers, and for your donations to our medical expenses and our continual monthly support.  There is no possible way to repay or even demonstrate the gratitude we feel, but we promise to pay it forward as long as we live.  Thank you again. 

My stamina, as well as agility on my left side have been altered since my brain tumor biopsy in May of 2012.  Although some of it has come back thanks to physical therapy, I still have various limitations. The doctors are also saying that my brain will be somewhat affected by the radiation, mainly that my short term memory will not be as sharp as usual. 

For that reason in January I felt that it would be in the ministry’s best interest for me to not continue on as Executive Director of Agua Viva Ministries.  Currently Becky Heinrichs, who has been at Agua Viva for 6 years, and Scott Acock, who has been there 14 years, are the acting Interim Directors.  They are doing an amazing job, and all of the ministries of Agua Viva are in place and functioning well under their leadership.  They have the full support of the Board of Directors and the Agua Viva staff, including Allyson and I.

A search committee, made up of three board members and five staff members, is actively looking for a new full-time Director, and that person should be in place by January of 2014. 

Meanwhile, Allyson and I plan to continue to commit ourselves to the Lord and His work in Mexico.  We will return to Ensenada before the summer activities begin, and plan to help Becky and Scott any way we can.  Allyson is already looking forward to the 2013 MTI term and plans to minister there full time in the fall as the Academic Coordinator.

I plan to assist there as I can, as well as communicate what God is doing in the ministry and work in the area of missions.

Whose ministry is Agua Viva?  We believe firmly, and have believed for a long time, that Agua Viva does not belong to any person, no matter who the person is.  The ministry belongs to God, and throughout the twenty years that Allyson and I have been privileged to serve here He has miraculously kept the ministry whole and healthy in spite of all kinds of circumstances.  Agua Viva is strong and grounded.  The Lord has shown His strong hand of protection and prosperity over it.  We, along with the staff and Board of Directors, are excited to see what God intends to do in the next phase.

We love you all, and we look forward to seeing you at Agua Viva!  Blessings.