Children's Ministry Seminar

Children's Ministry Seminar

Children’s ministry happens all over Ensenada. Take a tour of the area’s dusty soccer fields any summer day and you’ll see loads of kids having a blast while hearing the Gospel. We all know that teaching kids is hugely important, so for as long as we’ve been in ministry we’ve been seeking to make it as effective as possible; partnering with you and community churches to put on the yearly VBS programs.

However, there’s a question that often comes up: what about when the visiting group leaves? That’s where the local church comes in, and with more than 350 churches in Ensenada there is a huge pool of talented and passionate Mexican people capable of year-round children’s ministry. Here is where we see an opportunity to make ministry even more effective.

When Saddleback started plans to bring a group to Agua Viva this year, we thought, why not have them put on a seminar for the churches in Ensenada? Why not provide tools to make their children’s ministry more than just a daycare during the church service. Saddleback was on board and we partnered with a local church—Acción Cristiana—to get things in motion for the seminar.

On May 23 we had 194 people come to the seminar, representing 37 different Ensenada churches. It was a great turnout for a great seminar, with 6th graders giving their testimonies and helping to lead the workshops. Topics ranged from how to form a vision for your children’s ministry, to making Bible stories come to life, to the practical “how to” of making kids feel welcome when they come.

We are blessed to be a part of what God is doing in Ensenada, and even more blessed to see 194 teachers go back to their churches with a passion for training up children in the way they should go—making disciples through their Sunday school programs. What a powerful way to impact lives and work as a unified church. We’re thankful for the seeds that were sown in this conference, and are confident that God will use it to expand his kingdom here in Mexico.