Comienzo Camp

Comienzo Camp

The camp was over, everything returns to normal and each youth returns to his or her everyday life, with new challenges to face at home, school and work. But they certainly will not forget all that Jesus spoke into their lives. As as the name of the camp “Comienzo” means beginning, this is the beginning of new and great things for the rest of their lives.

Beginning with the preparation of the Agua Viva staff and camp counselors, we could already envision what God wanted to do in these four days. We looked forward to meeting each of the campers, serving them, and seeing them experience a week to mark their lives forever.

In the games and competitions it was impossible to ignore the effort that each of the campers, along with their teams put in to win. They came up with cheers and creative songs, which gave them more points for their teams. They competed with loads of energy, and even though only team “Indy 500” was the winner, all other teams had a blast.

Everything at Camp was incredible, but in the services and workshops we saw God speak directly to the hearts of the youth. Jesiah Hansen was our guest speaker at this camp, and God used each message that to speak to every person there. The way he speaks is quite entertaining, but cutting to the important things and allowing the message of the cross connect with hearts and be effective.

In the morning there were workshops led by Rigel Shultz, Jesiah Hansen, Jonathan Domingo, Ray Alonso, Hans and Becky Marrón and Ángel Alvarado. All were on great topics: women of purpose, practical tips for using media in church, and even a workshop for youth leaders.

All in all Comienzo Camp was great, from the campfire, to the meals, times of worship, leisure, pool time; everything worked out the way God wanted it to in order for Him to speak to the lives of young people and seal them for life. And on the last night it was powerful to see 31 youth with new understanding and hunger in their tear-streaked faces, deciding that they wanted to know Jesus more, to enter into his salvation. “I am confident of this, that the one who began a good work among you will bring it to completion by the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6