Community Opportunities

Community Opportunities

Pastor Samuel and Ernestina Garcia

Pastor Samuel and Ernestina Garcia have been faithfully serving in Iglesia Vida Abundante (Abundant Life Church) in the very difficult area of Colony Ochenta Nueve (89) for 11 years. This neighborhood is considered one of the poorest in Ensenada filled with many homes consisting of wood pallets and blue tarp roofs. The neighborhood is steeped with drugs and alcohol abuse, many broken homes and neglected, hungry children. Pastor Garcia and his congregation faithfully feed breakfast to the children in their colony and recently began a new Church Plant in the neighboring village and have started another breakfast (Desyunador) ministry.

Pastor Samuel and ErnestinaPastor Samuel and ErnestinaAs a teen, Pastor Samuel dreamed of studying medicine, but the Lord had other plans for his life. On May 5th they celebrated 50 years of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has 3 children who have become medical doctors and are serving the Lord in indigenous tribes in Mexico. 2 of his children occasionally assist with our medical clinics with Agua Viva Ministries.

Pastor Samuel has Parkinson’s disease; he speaks in hushed tones and shuffles as he walks with the assistance of his amazing wife, Ernestina. Despite his disease, he still has a twinkle in his eye and speaks the truth of the Gospel with authority. He still has a thriving ministry and isn’t planning on retiring anytime soon. He is surrounded by a faithful congregation who also have a passion of reaching their colony for Christ.

Yearly, Pastor Samuel sends Agua Viva Ministries formal requests for building projects. American groups have built several houses for people in need in his colony. He has never asked for anything for himself or his Church.

The ChurchThe ChurchThe last time we visited his Church, we noticed that all the electrical wire was stripped from the Sunday school rooms and the bathrooms. He said that a gang stole all the copper wire to sell for drugs. He just laughed and said that the Gospel still can be shared without electricity.

We stopped by his home and were amazed what we saw: 35 extremely steep steps built on a cliff-like bank which led to a very small, meager home. Walkway....Walkway….This is the only access to their home and it is becoming extremely challenging for him to maneuver, even with assistance up and down the stairs. Recently he fell and fractured his orbital bone which impinged the optic nerve which causes him to see double. He is wearing an eye patch while he is awaiting surgery in the next few months.

We have been asking our American Churches to pray about the possibility of helping us build a new home for the humble and deserving Garcia family on a ground level lot which has already been purchased near his Church. We already have had several Churches “step up to the plate” and have offered to share this burden either financially and/or with the actual construction.

Pray for more groups to help serve!

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