Let's Build this Church!



"Power Week"- June 21-28…..be there! What’s a power week, you ask? Well, a power week is when all different people from all over join forces to serve in Mexico. What’s the project this time? A church building in the community of Paraiso, which is located south of Ensenada. Who is going to be there? We currently have 17 wonderful warriors from Grace Church in Elk Grove, CA and we need more help. We need YOU!!

See the site:  Paraiso (Paradise) is a small agricultural community nestled in the foothills about 45 minutes south of Ensenada. Most of the homes lack running water, the children are barefoot and electricity only reaches a quarter of the homes. This community swells in numbers with people from indigenous tribes throughout Mexico during the harvest season. Many people in this community have never heard the Gospel. The dirt road where this church is located is slated to become a major thoroughfare in the near future to connect three adjacent, rural, agricultural communities. A perfect location for the church!

Meet the pastor and his passion:

Pastor Santos Morelos works in construction to provide for his wife and three sons, but his heart is in his church, which he pastors full-time. He has only been a pastor for 5 years. In this short amount of time, he and his wife, Nellie, have already built a small garage door church in a drug infested community in Ensenada called Morelos 2. His church has grown so much that they no longer fit inside of their building. This congregation has little resources, but the have a big vision. The people in this church tithe by bringing cinder blocks to build their new church.

Despite the fact that his home Church in Morelos 2 is not completed, he has already instilled the importance of the Great Commission in his congregation and they have planted a church in the community of Paraiso. Two years ago, Pastor Santos had the privilege of leading a vegetable vendor from Paraiso to the Lord and this is when the Lord opened his eyes to the immense need that community has to hear the Gospel.

Every Thursday evening Pastor Santos takes his entire congregation out to the community of Paraiso and holds an open-air church service. They pack up the entire sound system and all the Bibles they can find. When the service starts, they crank up the music and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This new congregation already consists of 20 families! They need a church building!

Be inspired: This project is funded by a generous donation from Tim Fry in memory of his late wife, Therese. Her legacy lives on!

Let’s build this Church!

For more information, contact the programming department at Agua Viva Ministries.