MTI Student Graduation


The Ministry Training Institute (MTI) has graduated more than 400 students in the last twenty years, sending them back to their homes and churches to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a blessing it has been for us to minister to and prepare these men and women as ministers!

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BUT GOD IS NOT DONE YET! This year God has brought more than fifty students to be trained for ministry! Last October we prayed that God would double the number of students (23)… and He acted beyond what we could imagine!

"Given as prophets, apostles, evangelists, and pastor-teachers…"

Since the early 1970’s, God has called more than 400 men and women to MTI to prepare for service in Mexico. Once students complete their studies, they return to their communities to minister… many of our graduates go back to their villages and plant new churches, while others return to minister in their home churches.

Mexico Student MapMexico Student Map MTI students are presently serving in 19 states (out of 32) in Mexico. Much of their work is in rural areas, ministering to previously unreached areas.

Several of our graduates have become foreign missionaries themselves. We have missionaries now serving as far away as Honduras, Peru, India and Afghanistan!

Since the typical Mexican church has less than 30 believers, almost all the graduates have a second job besides their ministry to support themselves and their families.

The average annual wage in Mexico is less than $6,000; ministry support is hard to come by.

We have a diverse student profile with more than 60% being single men; some are pastors, some are missionaries, and some are lay leaders in their churches. All are passionately reaching the lost. Upon arriving home after graduation, they encounter many hardships; they must often find new jobs and homes in addition to facing fierce persecution from the local community.

To encourage them in their work, each year AVM makes missionary visits in February and March to encourage our graduates. This year, our seven member team traveled over 7,600 miles and ministered to more than 1,100
through Vacation Bible Schools, Youth Meetings, Evangelistic Programs, MTI-type seminars, and personal counseling and encouragement sessions.