New Generator Installed

011607 178.jpg

Well we sure did get fixed up nice by the Orange county group that just finished up their project last weekend. This group was comprised of a team from the Giving University located in Orange County.

The Giving University financed the new 75 KW generator, and all of the electrical improvements that came with the Generator. So four projects in all, the primary being the Generator installation; the other projects involved improving our electrical systems in various parts of the facility. The GU group was joined by some high quality electricians, and other helpful participants for a total group of 20.

The work was complete in just two days (three days were originally planned) so they cranked!! All the items made it thru the border with just a few minutes to spare on Thursday night…we we’re grateful it all arrived on time, but just barely. The Lord was with us… here’s a link to all the details of what transpired…(by the way we estimate our fuel bill may go down 75% with the new generator).