Please pray for Brent Searway

Please pray with us for Brent's complete healing and recovery.

On April 26 Brent was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor.  Please pray with us for his complete healing and recovery.  The following is his story, written by Brent.

Some of you may still be wondering what is going on with my health so let me explain.

Last November while I was fighting a fire near Agua Viva my left leg went paralyzed and I fell and started having convulsions. After the convulsions stopped and movement started to come back to my leg I climbed to the road with the help of two brothers from Agua Viva. My wife took me to the emergency room at the hospital here in Mexico where they gave me oxygen and took a CT scan. Then I was diagnosed with smoke inhalation.

The only weird thing was that I still had some weakness in my left leg. I just figured that I needed to exercise the muscle again and it would be fine. Around the end of February even with walking about 2 miles a day I was still having problems walking so I went to my primary doctor in San Diego to see if he could figure something out. He sent me to a neurosurgeon who diagnosed it as a pinched sciatic nerve between the L4 and L5. Surgery was set for May 16th on my back. I did some investigation on the internet about this surgery and I did not feel like the diagnosis was correct as I did not have any back pain… so I saw my primary care doctor again and he recommended another neurosurgeon.

This time a MRI of the Brain was done with contrast. As the second opinion doctor was looking at the MRI of my back and he said he would not recommend back surgery as he didn’t see anything that was wrong with my back from the MRI that was taken. Then he looked at my MRI from the brain and he said the problem is not in you back… it is in your brain… Okay some of you might be saying you already knew that… HAHAHA.

In that scan there was a 2” tumor on my right hemisphere. If you were looking from the top of the head it would be right about in the middle. At that time he told us that it is in a area that is inoperable as it would cause paralysis. He wants to do a biopsy on it to see if it is benign or cancerous so we can decide what kind of treatment we should follow. Originally the biopsy was going to be on Monday, but the insurance did not clear it on Friday so they had to move that. Then it was going to be Wednesday, but this morning it was approved by the insurance company and scheduled for 7:30 am tomorrow Tuesday. We want to say thank you all of you who have already been praying and let all of you know that we ask you to be covering us in prayer at 7:30 AM tomorrow morning!

We are well in our souls because we know who we are in Christ. We know that He knows all and we are in the middle of His mighty hand! Again thanks you for your prayers as we see how the Lord is going to move and be glorified in this! I love you all!

Resting in Him! Praying that you may have the same peace we do in times like these.