The Big House....


May 26th….  From Brent Searway, on site…

Hola mis gran amigos!

I just wanted to let you all know that we are pouring the seminary buildings second floor today from 5:30 am - about 12:30. This is key to getting the rest of the building done by August. Please pray that it goes well and that nobody gets hurt. This is a big step ahead for all of us! God is sooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………….. Amazing! I can hardly believe all that He does! I remember where we were just a few years ago. To Him be all the glory!

I will let you know how it went this afternoon.

In His joy,



God continues to send an amazing group of men, women and youth to Agua Viva’s Power Weekends!!  This weekend a crew from Orange County continued the work, over Power Weekend 3, focusing primarily on internal electrical work.  This work nearly completed will allow us to pour the concrete for the second level in the next couple of weeks. 

Additionally, and very importantly, this crew also worked on the electrical components for our new well, running conduit, electrical, and staging the pump for the new "deep" well, and holding tank.  It is anticipated that the well dig will be completed by May 15th. The Giving University Electrical Crew....The Giving University Electrical Crew….

 Previously, from Power Weekend 2…. we provided this update….

Only God could have put together the incredible talented groups from Reno Christian Fellowship and Cornerstone church in Livermore. There were construction managers, contractors, electricians, handy men, accountants, software programmers, youth and most importantly folks with willing hearts to do whatever needed to be done so that the seminary building and solar project would be ready before the students come in late August.

You may be asking how much could really get done in just a two week period.

Since three weeks ago…

In The Seminary Building Construction Crew working on MTI BuildingConstruction Crew working on MTI Building

#1 The first story bathroom floor was formed and poured, all of the block and wood walls were erected and the second floor was constructed. Also 50% of the sewer line and water line to the building was installed.

#2 The stairs to the second floor of the seminary building were welded, and the landing was poured. Stairwell to 2nd floorStairwell to 2nd floor

#3 The office had dividing walls constructed, a false ceiling installed, the rough electrical installed. Also drywall installed on one side of all of the office walls.

#4 The conduit for the internet and phone lines were run.

#5 One of the classroom closets was framed out and dry walled. Also one of the closets was plastered.

#5 The steel decking has also had it final securing and we are ready to pour cement floor for the second floor. We hope to have this done with in the next few weeks.

In The solar building which will provide electrical power to the seminary building 12/7 New Solar Building to Power up the new seminary....New Solar Building to Power up the new seminary….

#1 The siding on the outside was installed, windows were cut and trimmed.

#2 The rough electrical was run.

#3 The dividing walls were stick framed

#4 Windows were cut out and trimmed.

#5 The roof was shingled.

#6 The battery bay was partially constructed.

#7 A sidewalk and ramp was poured.

Please pray as God put’s together his dream team of and he lays upon the hearts of folks to come and serve on May 1-4.

Projects for May1-4 include.

#1. laying pipe for the new well

#2. Connecting all of the necessary pump switches, transformers, float control switches, Running cable etc…

#3. Connecting the electrical throughout the first floor of the seminary building.

#4. Connecting the electrical for the solar building.

#5. Drywall for the solar building.

#6. Copper and abs plumbing connected for the seminary bathrooms.

#7. Laying and connecting the sewer line to the seminary building.

#8. Dry walling the closets in the seminary classrooms.

#9. Welding the handrails for the solar building.

#10. Drilling our new well.

#11. Installing a new water tank and connecting the new well to it.

#12 Painting the solar house.

#13. Framing a wall in the storage room.

And many more!!!

Please ask the Lord if you are just maybe one of the mighty men or women of God that He wants to use to complete this great work of God in May! Maybe you are not able to come, but would like to help support these projects financially. There is so much need in this area also, as we are still lacking close to $220, 000 to finish this building! Please. please, please pray as we move forward in faith to build this building. This building will provide a superior facility where we can train God’s people and give them the tools they need to Reach Mexico for Christ! Your prayers are sooooooooooooooo…………….. important!

Thanks for standing with us!


Brent Searway

Executive Director

Agua Viva Ministries