Tool Needs Update & Thank You

The new sewer line.

It’s been quite some time since we last updated you on the fire recovery process, so we wanted let you know how things are coming along and to update the list of donated tools.  We are so blessed by the generous response; those who have invested manual labor, the high quality tools that we have been given, the financial gifts toward the new shop, and most of all the prayers for Agua Viva through this time of recovery.

With a great kick-start from Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo and Kaleo Church El Cajón we were able to get fresh pipes set in place so that our sewer system is hooked up and flowing beautifully again.  Our maintenance men have begun dismantling the shell of the old shop to accommodate the new, and we are rejoicing that the small storage spaces we have are being filled with replacement tools.  From our original needs list, here are the items that have been donated:

Chopsaws, circular saws, worm drive saw, sawzalls & blades for all, electric rotor hammer drill, battery-powered rotor hammer drill, electric 1/2” drills, 12 volt drills, 30gal air compressor, small compressor, compressor hoses, a paint sprayer, a 5,000 watt generator, a 3,500 watt generator, drill bits, wrench sets, socket sets, wheelbarrows, picks, shovels, steel bars, posthole diggers, dirt tampers, sledge hammers, bench grinders, ladders, some scaffolding, come-alongs, tin snips, rakes, hoes, almost everything needed for concrete work, levels, saw horses, floor jacks, table saws, nail guns, hacksaws, pipe wrenches, pliers of all sorts, machetes, a pruning extension, tool boxes, screws, nails, and chainsaws.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped complete these needs, and also to those who went further and gave tools we hadn’t even included in our list.  Tool-wise we still have a few holes to fill, but are mostly ready for groups that want to do some good manual labor, hallelujah.  As a side note, we would love prayer as we continue to look for a construction coordinator to take charge of said manual labor projects!

For those wondering what we are still missing, here is the list of the tools that will help us the most:

(most pressing): 

A large, gas-powered, portable welder,

a line-feed welder,

equipment for acetylene/oxygen torch,

plumbing equipment: gas tank and torch for copper pipe, solder for copper, pipe cutters, wire brush for cleaning inside copper fittings 1/2” and 3/4”, sandpaper and emery cloth,

extension cords and surge protectors,

a drill press,

multi-meters for measuring electricity,

leaf blowers

(less pressing, still needed):

large cold chisels with hand protection,

small cement chisels,

a heavy duty shop battery charger,

rebar cutter for 3/8” and 1/2”,

tie-downs, large and small,


block and tackle,

garden hoses and fire hoses,

cement boots,

100’ sewer snake,

wood roller stands,

and loads of supplies.  The store of nails, screws, PVC fittings and glue, ABS fittings and glue, 1/2” and 3/4” copper fittings and other supplies that we built up over the years is now gone.  While these supplies are not immediately needed, we want to be as prepared as possible, and this means having backup supplies.  *A quick note, any electrical supplies can be brought across the border used or new, but used plumbing supplies are not allowed across.  Thanks for investing in Agua Viva!