Youth Camp--2009


Learning God's wayLearning God’s wayImagine yourself surrounded by 60 Mexican youth, ages 13-19 and full of energy, who are yelling, screaming and jumping out of control as they watch their friends dive into a pit of mud in search of rings which will give them points. Mud is flying everywhere as the team who just won is giving each other high fives and doing a celebratory cheer.

Now imagine yourself surrounded by 200 Mexican youth as they are singing at the top of their lungs with their hands raised in worship to the Lord. When the song ends, they quietly sit as the speaker takes the stage. Good times....Good times….30 minutes later, many of the youth are crying, others are praying, others are singing along with the worship band, while others are talking to their counselors. All are making decisions which will impact the rest of their lives. Many are choosing to rededicate their lives to the Lord, others are making first-time decisions to follow the Lord, while a chosen few are being called into ministry as pastors, missionaries, musicians, and the list goes on.

What you have just experienced are two glimpses into Agua Viva Ministry’s annual spring youth camp. Each year between 200-250 Mexican youth come from all over Baja California. They play games, stay up all night, meet in small groups for devotionals, and most importantly, learn more about the Lord.

Restless Minds, indeedRestless Minds, indeedThe theme for the camp this year is "Mentes Inquietas", which means Restless Minds. The theme verse is Exodus 31:3- "And I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability, and knowledge in all kinds of crafts." We want to stress to the youth that the Lord has given each of them different talents and gifts and they can use those gifts to glorify Him.

We have been so blessed to see so many lives changed through this ministry. The Lord is raising up a new generation of passionate youth in Mexico who desire to see their country reached for Christ. We, at Agua Viva, are doing our part to obey the Lord’s call by ministering specifically to the youth of Baja California through our youth camp, but we need your help!!!

Many of the youth who come to our camp have never experienced a camp or campground before. Fun ..... some of it is Priceless!Fun ….. some of it is Priceless!Agua Viva is a unique place where they are loved, valued and cared for. Many of them have never had the gospel communicated to them in a way they can understand before hearing it at Agua Viva. Many of these youth also can’t afford the $390 pesos (about $30 dollars) it costs to come to camp for a week. Because it is our desire to see everyone come who want to come, regardless of the cost, Agua Viva gives scholarships to many of the youth.

After all is said and done, the cost to Agua Viva is about $90 per camper, which we see as a worthwhile investment. Because the campers only pay a percentage of what the actual cost is, this becomes a financial struggle to Agua Viva. Please pray about the possibility of investing in these youth. Just a small donation is enough to allow one more youth to attend the camp, which means that one more life can be changed.

The most important way you can support us is through your prayers. Please pray for all of the youth who will be attending this camp, pleas pray for those of us who will be serving the youth and please pray for our speaker whose name is Raul Castro. If you are interested in investing monetarily in the lives of these youth, it is as simple as following the link and donating through paypal.

You can also send any donations to Agua Viva to:

Agua Viva Ministries
PO Box 1488
Lemon Grove, CA

Please make checks out to Agua Viva Ministries and designate them to the Youth camp.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!!