Missions/Church Planting

Our Commitment to Mission Work in Mexico

Agua Viva Ministries is committed to a vibrant church-planting ministry in the rural, “hard to reach” parts of Mexico. We invest in “seed” ministries, “startup” ministries, and unique ministries that target unreached people groups. We work with Mexican nationals who blaze paths in these hard to reach areas. As a general principle, Agua Viva Ministries sponsors the missionary/seed ministry by investing up to $500 per month for a maximum period of five years. We are committed to investing in at least 25 of these unique ministries in the next 10 years. We always partner with a local sponsoring church in any endeavour that is undertaken. We look for creative, unique ministries that will make a difference in spreading the Gospel, and ministries that are accountable to local vibrant Mexican churches.

The Need

There is a need for these Mexican missionaries because 93% of the Mexican population is culturally Catholic. Mexican Catholicism is often mixed with Indian religion—worship of the Virgin Guadalupe and worship of the saints. The priests are very controlling; the common people often are not allowed to read the Bible for themselves. Rather, they must depend solely on the priests’ interpretation. The people are very antagonistic to any other form of religion other than their own, especially in the southern regions of Mexico.

Agua Viva Ministries support missionaries like these in several locations throughout Mexico.


We are equipped to provide training if needed through the MTI seminary. We do not restrict these Mexican missionaries to MTI students, but MTI does provide a pool of potential resources that can be supported on this short-term basis. Also, the missionaries that we support have the opportunity to study in MTI if they have not already done so.