Andrés and Linda Salas

Andrés grew up in the mountains of El Arrayán, Nayarit where he now lives with his Linda and their two daughters. The small community of El Arrayán is located approximately five hours away from the closest city. They live off of the land. They raise goats and pigs and grow their own vegetables.

Andrés was ordained as the pastor of the congregation in El Arrayán by MTI graduate and missionary Pedro Colima. The Salas family has a strong desire to reach all of the surrounding communities for Christ. They often travel four hours by foot to share the gospel to the surrounding communities. They currently have approximately 50 people attending their church including those that come from the surrounding communities. They are also helping with a new work in Huitalota and Barbacoa, small communities near them that have recently come to know the Lord.  Their goal is to begin establishing churches at some of these communities.