Jose and Lupita Ponce

Jose Ponce and his wife, Lupita, are working in the mountains of San Francisco, Baja California Sur (South Baja California). These ranches, which are separated by very rough terrain, typically consist of two or three families each. The ranches communicate to each other by CB radios. Travelling between ranches typically requires the use of mules or donkeys. The ranchers live 80% off of the land and they raise goats in order to sell goat cheese to make money to buy other necessities.

Jose and Lupita have a desire to establish churches in the different ranches. They travel from ranch to ranch in order to share the Gospel and have earned the respect of the ranchers. They are opening a training center where they plan to teach Mexican missionary workers how to travel to these ranches in order to share the Gospel. Jose and Lupita would like to build a team that can help them continue this work. The training center would serve as a base camp to travel into the different ranches.

They are also working to establish a church in San Francisco de las Sierras, a small town they use as their base of operations.