The Huichol Tribe

Ismael de la Rosa is the pastor of a congregation in Tenzompa, Jalisco. It is a small Huichol congregation (an indigenous tribe in Mexico) and one of his desires is to devote himself full time to ministry, but it is difficult because he has to leave his home to look for work to sustain his family. His family is made up of three children, his wife, his mother, and two nephews, in all there are eight people he has to sustain. They also provide room and board for their Huichol brothers in Christ when there is need, which increases their monthly expenses. They live on an average of $3000 pesos (approx. $250 dollars) a month for their food (corn, beans, and rice) and other basic expenses. His desire is to reach the fellow Huicholes for Christ, removing the bondage that has them blinded by witchcraft, idolatry, and all the evil that has them oppressed in sin. After five years he reconnected with his father and now has access into the community from which he was excommunicated and has been sharing the gospel with family, friends, and even witchdoctors. Each day the Lord opens doors so that he can continue sharing. He is a brave man, full of love for his people, and a great man of God; his heart is for God. He has finished his first year of studies in MTI. Agua Viva is supporting him with $2,100 pesos (approx. $175 dollars) a month, but we would like to support him with more finances.

Rogelio Avila is another one of the people that we support. Along with Ismael de la Rosa they were excommunicated from the same Huichol community, and now work as a great team together. Ismael is approximately eight kilometers from the community where they were excommunicated from and Rogelio is about eighty kilometers from there. Rogelio has finished his second year at MTI. He is leading a congregation in the community of Cofradia. This community is built on the land the government gave them so they could have a place to build new homes and have land to live on and maintain their heritage. Rogelio is reaching the families who leave the Huichol community in search of work, providing accommodations and food. Rogelio supports his wife and adolescent daughter.

These are the people that God has put on our hearts as our vision continues to be “Reaching Mexico for Christ.” We believe that God has anointed these two great men to reach the Huichol community.