New Seminary Educational Building

As you can see from the adjacent photo, our new MTI SeminaThe finished buidling.... artist renderingThe finished buidling…. artist renderingry building is under roof and the walls are going up!

This is the first of three phases we have planned. When this phase is finished it will house administrative and faculty offices, several large classrooms, and a very large library/multi-purpose room. We will have up to date audiovisual The beginning stagesThe beginning stagesequipment, computers, a document/copy center and modern telephone and communications equipment.

A new era dawns....: Join us in this adventure...A new era dawns….: Join us in this adventure…We The second floor work begins...The second floor work begins…completed and had a functioning building duing last seminary season, which was September of 2008. We are now 90% The front bridge / entry way is built outThe front bridge / entry way is built outcompleted and hope to have all the final touches and a "Grand Opening" later in 2009.  Thanks for your help.

Nearly completed building....seminary started... this was before we had windows/ doorsNearly completed building….seminary started… this was before we had windows/ doors