Vision and Purpose of Our Seminary

The MTI Mission

Brent Searway leading a devotionalBrent Searway leading a devotionalThe mission of Ministry Training Institute is to provide practical, short-term leadership training for motivated, passionate Christian Mexican nationals, for the purpose of advancing the various ministries of the Mexican Church.

Core Values

MTI seeks to:

  • Actively support the local Mexican Church by providing training to its’ leadership
  • Support the autonomy and uniqueness of the local church
  • Relate New Testament Models of evangelism and discipleship to the unique environment of each local church

Vision Statement

Agua Viva Ministries is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in Mexico by providing practical training and follow-up to its students over an extended period of time.

MTI seeks to provide Biblical training and practical preparation designed specifically to equip Mexican missionaries, church planters, pastors and lay leaders as they prepare for the unique problems and challenges that are faced in ministry in Mexico. Currently MTI has a 15 week fall session; other yearly sessions will be added as our facilities are developed. Our long term vision is to train at least 200 students each year.