Impact of Your Gift

Your Gift Makes A Difference

Your gift will allow AVM to further reach Mexico for Christ.  Gifts to the general fund will be used to meet Agua Viva’s most pressing needs in our four aspects of Ministry: Mexican Camping, Missions, our Ministry Training Institute, and our Missions Partnership Experience.  Small gifts given on a regular basis add up over time, and we want to show you some of the ways that a monthly contribution could be used.

What Your Support Accomplishes

Youth Camp: A gift of $5 a month would about cover the cost for a youth to come to one of our week-long camps.  Though the price for campers is lower than our actual cost, some simply cannot afford it and miss out.  Your gift will help ensure that those who want to come can experience the powerful time of learning and fellowship that our youth camp is.

Missionary Support: A gift of $25 a month will help sustain and grow our missionary support.  We are all about helping Mexican national missionaries who work in remote areas, often serving previously unreached people groups.  Your gift will ensure that we continue to be a strong support network for these missionaries.

Mexican Staff: A gift of $100 pays approximately 8 days’ salary for one of our Mexican staff.  Those of you who have eaten at Agua Viva know why we love our kitchen staff, and without them and the other support staff we would not have a ministry.  Four people giving at $100 a month would provide the full salary for one of our essential Mexican staff members.  Your gift will enable us to hire and keep the staff we need for successful ministry.

Seminary Scholarship: A gift of $250 a month covers the full scholarship for a student to attend our Ministry Training Institute (MTI).  We are committed to providing biblical education, practical tools, and leadership training for those who do not have access to traditional seminary.  MTI continues the ministry of Agua Viva throughout Mexico, and your gift will ensure that church leaders will continue to have access to the training that we provide.

And More: These are just a handful of the many ways that a gift to Agua Viva will be used to advance the Kingdom of God here in Mexico and beyond.  We believe that our ministries are spiritually sustainable and produce long-lasting fruit, and we are thankful for your desire to partner with us in ministry.

Personalized Seminary Sponsorship

If you would like to sponsor a specific seminary student, contact and we will make it happen!  We love building relationships between Mexico and the U.S. and this is a very cool opportunity for our U.S.(and Canadian!) partners to continue these relationships throughout the year.

* The above calculations are based on 20011 budget averages. Each gift is a contribution to the entire mission of Agua Viva Ministries and will be used to meet AVM’s most pressing needs.