Ministry Training Institute (MTI Seminary)

Equipping Mexican Church Leaders and Church Planters

Mexico Student MapMexico Student MapWe are living in a powerful and significant time in Christian Latin American history, in which Latin America is no longer seeking guidance and missionary help as before.

Rather, it is experiencing revival, and gaining much ground in training and sending missionaries—both to other unreached peoples of Latin America and around the world.

Agua Viva is committed to supporting this autonomy in Mexico, and, aPastor Ramon leading an MTI Class sessionPastor Ramon leading an MTI Class sessions it has for over a decade, continues to seek out naural leaders to train and empower them for even greater service.

This training, for leadership and empowerment, is provided through our seminary, known as Ministry Training Institute (MTI). The training sessions are conducted in the Fall for 15 week sessions. Quality and varied leadership training is provided to the students, who arrive at great personal cost and effort, from all areas of Mexico. Currently we have Artist Rendering, MTI seminary campusArtist Rendering, MTI seminary campusthree levels of training for our students. Funding is provided for the students, who often come from the very poorest parts of Mexico; currently the students are 90% funded.