Short-Term Medical, Dental and Optometry Mission Trips

Partner with Agua Viva Ministries in Ensenada, Mexico

Agua Viva Ministries is Reaching Mexico for Christ by partnering Medical, Dental and Optometry providers from the US and Canada with underserved, remote communities surrounding the Ensenada, Mexico area. Agua Viva Ministries (AVM) believes that serving the physical needs of the rural communities and using the gift of medicine can be used to draw people in and open doors to share the gospel.

AVM programs teams of medical and dental providers for short-term mission trips year round. Makeshift clinics are set up either in rural churches or lean-to shelters. Each day you are scheduled in a new location. Local Mexican Christian MDs and Dentists will accompany you to each site and will facilitate patient follow up and ensure legal coverage. Statistics show that the best way to reach an area with the gospel is to use national Christians to reach the lost. AVM believes in partnerships. Thus, a team of local pastors and trained Christian leaders in the communities are formed to partner with you to provide counseling and prayer stations during the clinics.

AVM provides you with room and board, training materials, translators and missionary guides to accompany teams as they minister. All sites are programmed before your arrival including purchasing of essential medications and promotion of the clinics in the community.

AVM offers to meet your group state-side and provide a border escort to guide you through the Mexican immigration for proper visa acquisition, assist you through customs and to lead your caravan safely all the way down to Rancho Agua Viva.

Agua Viva Ministries at Rancho Agua Viva is located on 142 acres, 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean east of Ensenada, Baja California, only 90 miles south of San Diego. Our facilities can house 350 campers in 13 dormitories with hot showers. There are always delicious authentic Mexican meals served.

What Agua Viva Ministries provides:

  • Extensive training materials
  • Pre-trip ministry site setup and pre-planning
  • Purchase of essential formulary medications
  • Pre-clinic community promotion
  • Translators
  • On-site consultation with local Christian medical and dental providers to facilitate proper imaging, lab follow up and proper umbrella coverage
  • Charting for chronically ill patients to ensure continuity of care
  • Housing in our safe, gated, 142 acre compound in the beautiful, rural, hill country east of Ensenada, Mexico
  • Authentic Mexican meals
  • Experience as missionary guides since 1986

Costs:  Varies depending on the size of your team and the number of days serving.

Students, instructors and family members are welcome!

Please contact our Short Term Missions Department for more information.