Resources for Ministry Teams

Preparation and training before you leave to minister in Mexico is critical. Understanding the Mexican culture will allow your team to present the Gospel in a way that will be well received by the Mexican people. Preparing the logistics and details of your ministry will help you deal with unforseen circumstances. To help you with these aspects of cross-cultural ministry, we have prepared some training material and compiled important information for your team.

Training Materials

We prepared a Leader Training Manual (PDF) to prepare your leadership team for cross-cultural ministry. We also prepared a Group Training Manual (PDF) to prepare your entire team. We strongly recommend weekly training sessions as outlined in the Group Training Manual. Your leadership team should be asked to review the Leader Training Manual ahead of time. You may also want to review the Leader Training Manual together with your leadership team.  Medical teams should download our Medical Manual (PDF).  This manual has additional information specifically for our medical clinics.

Ministry Music

To listen to some of the songs that we recommend for ministry, follow the links provided on this page.

Travel Information

We also have some important travel information available. We provide a list of rental agencies that permit vehicles be driven into Mexico, where to obtain Mexican auto insurance, immigration information, and an explanation of Mexican customs.

The Bureau of Consular Affairs also offers a service called Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan (STEP) that provides alerts and warnings as well as facilitating communication between family members should any emergency arise.