Travel Information

When preparing for a short term missions trip, there are several logistical issues that need to be considered:

Maps to Rancho Agua Viva

We have created maps that will help you find your way from the border crossing to our camp facilities. You can view the map in PDF format.

Mode of Transportation

Some groups rent vehicles from their home town and others use their own vehicles. Others fly into San Diego and rent vehicles at the airport. When renting vehicles, the rental agency must know that the vehicles will be taken into Mexico. Most rental agencies allow each rental office to determine whether or not their vehicles can be taken into Mexico. We recommend contacting the rental agency in advance to learn the policy. Please also read our more in-depth information about car rental agencies.

Mexican Auto Insurance

We strongly recommend that all vehicles taken into Mexico be covered by Mexican auto insurance. Most rental agencies require that Mexican auto insurance be purchased through the rental agency. 

Mexican Immigration

Mexican immigration laws require that American church groups obtain a tourist visa for each member of the group. Tourist visas can be obtained at the border when you cross. 

Mexican Customs

Mexican law requires that all items be declared. Personal items such as clothing, hygiene products, etc. may be crossed without declaring them as long as the quantity of those items are reasonable.