Mexican Immigration

One month before your scheduled arrival send copies (only) of the birth certificates or passports of each person you have signed up to come. Also include copies of all the notarized permission slips (explained below). Please do not send the originals. Accompanying each birth certificate, all adults (18 and older) need to send copies of photo IDs. If children (17 and under) have an official ID (driver’s license, school ID, etc.), please send copies of these as well. Immigration documents will not be accepted without photo IDs.

You must fill out an alphabetized list of your team members to accompany the copies of birth certificates and passports. This list must include the following categories: name, age, birth certificate number, passport number, and permission slip. This should be sent at the same time as the immigration documents. Group members should not be added after this documentation is sent.

Each member must obtain a Tourist Visa when crossing the border. This is an estimated cost of $21 per person (the actual cost will vary as the exchange rate fluctuates). Each person must present an original birth certificate or passport. Minors (17 and under) must have a notarized permission slip from both parents or guardians, or both parents or guardians must be present.

Note: Some immigration officials will tell you that you do not need tourist visas. You will need to insist that you do need tourist visas. Be courteous, but be firm. If you do not receive your tourist visas when you cross the border, you will need to take time the next day to go to the Ensenada immigration office to receive them there. This will cut into your ministry time.

To secure entry into Mexico and reentry into the United States, each person under the age of 18 needs to have a notarized permission slip signed by both parents/guardians, which should accompany their passport/birth certificate and tourist visa at all times. To download a permission form, click here.

Helpful hint: As soon as you are committed to bring a group to Agua Viva, let each member know that they need to obtain an original birth certificate or passport, a photo ID, and permission slip (for those under 18 years old), so you can have them ready to send copies to our San Diego office by the required date.