Authentic Mexican Meals

If you like Mexican food, then you will love Agua Viva food! Our cooks are local Mexican cooks who enjoy serving the Lord by serving your food with a smile. Our cooks serve many different Mexican dishes, such as bistec ranchero (beef with rice and vegetables), carne asada (grilled beef), carne con papas (meat and potatoes), carne molida (ground beef), chilaquiles (a spicy Mexican breakfast), fish tacos, huevos con chorizo (eggs with Mexican sausage), huevos con jamon (eggs with ham), omelettes, picadillo (ground beef with potatoes and tomatos), pastel azteca (tortillas with ground beef, cheese, tomato), pollo asado (grilled chicken), quesadillas (A Mexican version of a grilled cheese sandwich—using tortillas instead of bread), tacos dorados (fried rolled tacos), tostadas (hard tortilla with meat, beans and lettuce on top), and many more.

We provide purified bottled water in your dorms, and we also provide purified water for your ministry site. When your friends tell you, "Don’t drink the water," you can smile and tell them, "It’s O.K. We have friends who have that under control!"