Planning/Ministry Site Setup

The Ministry Site

To provide you a greater ministry experience, we serve as liaisons between you and the local church that you will be working with. We match your group with a local church. We help you deal with logistical issues for any ministry you wish to do. We also obtain permits for your group to legally serve in Mexico.

Construction Project Site Setup

If you plan to do construction projects, we find out from the church what ConstructionConstructionproject needs they have. We will help the local church with any building designs and determine what construction materials are needed. We then communicate these needs to you with an estimate of the cost to purchase these materials. We also transport materials to the construction site and import any materials that need to be imported.

Medical Ministry Site Setup

We work with local doctors who serve with us when groups wish to host medical clinics. Together with the doctors, we select sites to host the medical clinics and purchase the medicine. With the help of these doctors, we are able to bring medicine across the border.