MTI Student: Abiel Hernandez

Abiel Hernandez is currently a student taking his second level at MTI. Abiel met Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior through a friend as he battled with the aftermath of a stressful and painful divorce. He recalls being “as low as I could get”, and the amazement he discovered when he found the love and healing through Christ. He prayed once that if God desired to use his life, that He would take him from his hometown and move him to a different place to minister there. Soon thereafter, Abiel came to Tijuana, Baja California and began serving with the youth at a church there. He started to develop a passion for teaching the Word of God; and communicated his desire of becoming a pastor to his pastor. Wisely, his pastor informed him of a small, three month a year seminary that he could apply for that would help him prepare himself for ministry.

Once Abiel began the MTI first level, he discovered an interest in work outside of the four walls of the church– missions. During his three month stay at Agua Viva, this interest grew into a consuming passion, that led to his moving to Las Panguitas, Sinaloa, for a period of 6 months.

Las Panguitas, Sinaloa:

Las Panguitas is located in the Valle del Fuerte (Valley of the Strong), Sinaloa. It is roughly an hour from Los Mochis, Sinaloa; aproximetaly 45 minutes on dirt roads. It is a village with a large need. The people work in the fields, the only service they have is electricity: the water is taken from the canal. There is much idolatry and witchcraft. There are approximately 300 people. Abiel returned to CECAM to prepare to minister and reach out to these people.

When asked for prayer requests, he unselfishly explained that the people of Las Panguitas are very religious, trapped in idolatry and “blinded” to the truth that he is so passionate about sharing. Therefore, Abiel invites us all to pray that the “the blinds would be taken from they’re eyes”, and that these people would have the opportunity to experience the love and forgiveness that once upon a time lifted his life to so much more.