The Story of Don Rogelio

Don Rogelio Avila is a Huichol Indian from Santa Catarina, a small village nestled between the mountain ranges of Nayarit. He lived in a community that was closed to the gospel, and where witchdoctors were still the number one solution to all the problems. Where animal sacrifices were used regularly in healing sickness. When his 6 year old son became very sick, and none of the witchdoctors could heal him, Don Rogelio opted to take his son to a hospital in the city. There his son died, and Don had his first encounter with a Christian.

He returned to Santa Catarina, where one of his older sons became very sick. When the witchdoctors told him that his son had no hope, he met up with the same Christian he had met at the hospital in the city. He explained the situation and the Christian explained that God could heal him if they prayed, and in desperation, Don Rogelio prayed. His son was miraculously healed, and Don Rogelio gave his life to this God that actually could work miracles. He is very first believer from the Huichol tribe!

The Huichol Church

The select group of Christians in Santa Catarina didn’t even know how to pray at the beginning. They were used to talking to their idol gods, but never to a God that they couldn’t see. However, they found the need to, and taught each other how to call upon the God that was more powerful than idols.

Five years ago, Don Rogelio and other believers were imprisoned, beaten and later threatened with their lives to leave Santa Catarina with 13 other families of new believers. They are currently settled in a small pueblo nearby, where the government gave them a small fraction of land these thirteen families, upon which they first built their church. Though he doesn’t consider himself a pastor, Don Rogelio came to study at MTI so that he could understand the word of God better, so he could help his fellow Huichol brothers and sisters to do the same.

Please help us to pray for Don Rogelio and the other heroes of the faith that have prevailed through persecution and injustice for the God that gives peace and enforces justice! May God continue to open doors that allow us to take the gospel to places we’ve never even dreamed through the hands and feet of beautiful, passionate students such as Don Rogelio!