2008 Mission Trip Report


On February 13 we left Rancho Agua Viva at approximately 7:30 AM and drove all day to Las Pangas, Sinaloa. Las Pangas is approximately a one-hour drive from Tamazula.

In the morning Abiel, who studied in MTI, met us at a gas station. From there we drove to Tamazula. We spent the day visiting with the Christians there. We introduced them to Abiel and his wife. Abiel will be visiting them once a week in order to disciple them and help to plant a church in that community. These Christians have a fire for the Lord but need to be discipled. It is our hope that some of these believers will attend MTI in the future.

Abiel (right) will be discipling the believers in TamazulaAbiel (right) will be discipling the believers in Tamazula On February 15 we left Tamazula to drive to Tecuala, Nayarit. We arrived very late and spent the night in Milpas Viejas, a small town in the Tecuala area. We scheduled February 27 to be the time that we would meet with the pastors in the area during our return trip on the way back to Agua Viva.

The next morning we left Tecuala to drive to San Francisco, Guerrero to be with Lupe and Dora Gomez, missionaries that Agua Viva supports. Our plan was to arrive Saturday night and attend the church service in the morning. During our drive we had problems with the power steering system. We were concerned that the problem could cause the power steering pulley to freeze up and cause problems with the motor. Therefore we stopped in Uruapan, Michoacan for repairs. However, we had to wait until the morning because the parts stores were alreay closed.

On Sunday morning we were able to buy the part we needed and found a mechanic to install the part. We then headed to San Francisco, Guerrero and we attended the evening service. Valentin preached at the service.

We spent the next day with the Gomez family relaxing by the river in the area. In the evening we showed a movie.

We left San Francisco in the morning to drive to San Martin Peras, Oaxaca. We had planned to arrive there at night. However, the trip to San Martin Peras turned out to be longer than we had anticipated. We spent the night in a town along the way and continued the trip the next morning. We arrived at San Martin Peras in late afternoon. In the evening Raul and Emily took us to the church that they helped start and introduced us to some of the members.

Raul and Emily's children's centerRaul and Emily’s children’s centerThe next day Raul and Emily assigned us to different ministries. Becky and Melissa went to a high school to teach English for a few hours. Valentin gave a lesson to the adolescents at the school. Brent helped Carlos, Raul’s assistant, install a toilet and a valve for a sink to be installed. Scott worked on some computers in a small computer lab that Raul and Emily have at their children’s center. In the evening we attended a church service.

The missions trip team with some of the members of the church in San Martin PerasThe missions trip team with some of the members of the church in San Martin PerasRaul and Emily have a very positive reputation in the community. People respect and appreciate them. We are very excited about what God is doing in the community through Raul and Emily.

We had planned to visit another missionary that we support, Miguel Angel. However, due to the time that we lost arriving at San Martin Peras, we were not able to. Therefore, when we left the next morning we headed out directly for Jalisco to be with the Huichol Indians. We spent the night in Guanajuato. Guanajuato is the capital of the state of the same name. We then drove to Huejuquilla, Jalisco and arrived at night. The next morning we took Rogelio, the pastor of the Huichol church in Huejuquilla, and his daughter to Tenzompa, another Huichol community approximately one hour away. We attended the church service in Tenzompa where Valentin preached and then returned to Huejuquilla in the afternoon to attend the church service there, where Brent preached. In the evening we showed two movies in Tenzompa.

Ishmael is the pastor of the church in Tenzompa. Ishmael and Rogelio are two pastors that are being raised up by Fito, a Mexican missionary that has spent many years reaching the Huichol Indian tribe. It was Fito that told Rogelio about Christ. Rogelio’s son was very ill and had gone to the witch doctor to ask for healing for his son. The witch doctor was not able to heal his son and his son died. Later another son became ill. He went to Huejuquilla to seek out help. He met Fito who told him about Christ and said that the true living God can heal his son. Rogelio prayed to the Lord and the Lord healed his son. Therefore, Rogelio rejected the gods he had served before to serve the one true living God. Rogelio shared his faith with other Huichol Indians. Later the leaders of the tribe persecuted Rogelio and those Huichols that had accepted Christ through Rogelio’s testimony. These believers were eventually exciled from their community. From that point on they lived in Tenzompa. Later they began reaching people in Huejuquilla and established a church there. Rogelio is the pastor of the church in Huejuquilla.

We are very excited about being a part of what God is doing in the Huichol tribe. It is our prayer that what we see in Huejuquilla and Tenzompa is only the beginning of the amazing things God does to win the tribe for Him!

On February 26 we left Tenzompa and arrived in Milpas Viejas (in the Tecuala, Nayarit area).  Brent and Valentin met with Angel Burgueño, Pedro Colima, Andres Salas, and other leaders in the area.  The next morning Brent and Valentin met with Quencho Duran and his wife, pastors in the Tecuala area.

After that meeting we began our journey back to Rancho Agua Viva.  On the way back we had an electrical issue (the main electrical wire broke inside its insulation).  After towing the Suburban to a mechanic shop, they traced down the problem and fixed it quickly.  We then drove the way back to RAV.

Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray for Mexico! God is actively working here in Mexico to bring people out of the darkness into His light.

In Christ,

The staff of Agua Viva Ministries