2012 Missionary Training Institute in Session

2012 Missionary Training Institute in Session

Most of you who have been paying attention to the Agua Viva news of late are aware that it is an extraordinary season with our Executive Director incapacitated.

But let us be the first to say that the glitches we have experienced have not shaken God.  He has been so good to us.

God has pulled together a complete team of administrators and faculty, He has provided us with new donors.  He gave us the money for a recruiting trip this summer and we have 12 students.  We did not have a printer and a friend donated one; we did not have a copier and another friend donated one.   Another couple bought us some much-needed supplies.

Our faithful teachers from the Ensenada area have returned, with a couple of excellent new teachers also on the team.

Some friends are providing us with Bibles and student books, and we have several new programs in place.

The atmosphere around the school is one of security and hope and excitement at what all God is doing.  We pray early in the morning, throughout the day and into the night and the prayers are full of gratitude at all that God is doing and providing.  Edgar, one of our third year students expressed, “I know God has me here for a purpose and I see that He is preparing me for my future ministry with hurting children.”

Thank you, friends, for praying God’s blessings over our students and faculty.