A Labyrinth of Connections

A Labyrinth of Connections

“Rosie, this is Allyson from Agua Viva.”

 I was calling to invite Rosie and her pastor husband Ricardo to the MTI opening ceremonies.  In late spring, when we were scouting out new churches for our American guests to serve, we asked Gabriel, Head of AV Mexican Camping, if he had worked with any pastors from the area that he would recommend. 

“Yes!” Gaby responded.  “When we went out promoting Agua Viva we found the pastor of a little church in a farming community way out in the hills.  In fact, he’s a former MTI student.”

“Woohoo!” I hollered.

Getting in touch with Ricardo and Rosie, we found that they have been ministering for about 10 years.  We were able to set them up with Believers Church from Washington, doing a vbs and sports ministry.  Both Roca Fuerte, Ricardo’s church, and Believers Church were excited about the connection.

“Ah, and Allyson!” responded Rosie on the telephone.  “I was just planning to call you.  One of the pastors in our alliance has a student he wants to send to MTI.”

“Woohoo!” I hollered again.

Let me count the blessings:

  1. We needed a connection in Ensenada for Believers Church.
  2. Gaby had been out promoting and had met a former MTI student.
  3. That local church hosted an American group and both churches felt blessed.
  4. Ricardo and Rosie brought us a new student.
  5. Ricardo and Rosie will be hosting two students this fall for internships in their church.
  6. Ricardo only attended one year at MTI and Rosie not at all.  They are now considering coming next year as students.

This Sunday 19 students kicked off their time at MTI 2013.  Of those, at least 5 were sent by former MTI students. 

Pray for MTI, that it will continue carrying on this same rich legacy.