Abril's New Home

Abril's New Home

The first time I saw Abril, she was sleeping soundly. We were bouncing along a dusty road taking a group of kids home after a great VBS in Ojos Negros. My daughter Keyla (13 then) held Abril in her arms while she slept peacefully. We noticed right away that this little girl was hungry and thirsty, her clothes worn and dirty. When Bible Christian invited us to participate in the VBS we never thought that we would end up with a new daughter, but two and a half years later, Abril is now part of our family.

During the next few days God deeply touched our hearts, gave us a burden for Abril and her sister. We brought them clothes and food, and made sure to take care of them during all the activities. After the VBS we went back to visit them, and soon became friends with Abril and her sister and mother, always trying to help them and share the Gospel. From time to time their mother would ask us to take care of the two girls for a few days. Because of long hours harvesting onion and because of certain vices, their mother couldn’t always provide the care that Abril and her sister needed. And during these times we continued to fall in love with the little ones, especially Abril.

One day Abril’s mother asked us to take care of Abril for a little longer, as she was leaving with her other daughter to work in another state. This wasn’t so different from what we had done before, so my husband Alex and I agreed, assuming that the mother would be back soon.

But she never came back for Abril. We tried to locate her, tried to contact her, went back to Ojos Negros to ask around, but never heard anything. We continued to take care of Abril, but realized that legally we couldn’t keep her, and had to let the authorities know about the situation and let Abril go to a children’s home. Those were some of the hardest months we’ve been through as a family. We pleaded with God and the authorities, asking to have Abril come live with us rather than the children’s home, and God heard. After months of praying, crying, and visiting, we were able to bring Abril back home and start the process of full adoption.

We continue to pray for Abril’s mother, her whereabouts unknown, and for her sister, at a children’s home in Mexicali. And we thank God for the beautiful gift that Abril has been in our lives. She is studying first grade, learning and overcoming despite having never been to school before; we are so proud of her. We know that God has a perfect plan for Abril and we thank God for the privilege to show her God’s love every day.

Sonia has been on full time staff for 11 years together with her husband Alex, she helps with administration and he leads the maintenance team. We are blessed by their heart of compassion.