An Invitation To Give

An Invitation To Give

This is an invitation. An invitation to invest in the Kingdom of God in Mexico and beyond. We tend to love extraordinary stories, stories about ways that God radically changed someone’s life, and we have our share of those at Agua Viva. But today we want to share a more ordinary story.

Gabriela Gonzalez, like many of us, grew up in the church. Living in Ensenada, she had been to Agua Viva plenty of times with her church, as a camper, and as a counselor at youth camp. And here at Agua Viva and at home she began to dream about what God had for her life. Gaby decided that she wanted to study at our Ministry Training Institute, and after years of persuading, this year she finally convinced her family to let her come to prepare at MTI. And after completing her first level, Gaby is more ready than ever for the ministry God has prepared for her. Gaby is going to her home church with an expectant heart, dreaming of the new things that God wants to do in her life, her neighborhood, her city, her country.

Gaby is one of many who come to Agua Viva and leave changed for the Kingdom. So many in the local church come for camps, conferences, retreats, etc. and countless lives are changed. And when those lives are changed, we want to make sure there is discipleship, training, and room to go deeper in Jesus. Agua Viva is here for the local church, helping each person who comes to discover God’s incredible love and God’s incredible calling for their lives. We want to broaden our expectations, to bring our dreams in line with God’s dreams.

And we believe that God’s dreams are big, so we invite you to give. When you give to Agua Viva you are investing in the local church. You are investing in the lives of those who come to study from far away in Mexico. You are investing in those who are called and capable to reach Mexico for Christ. On our gates we have the words “Enter to learn. Leave to serve.” Those words sum up quite well why Agua Viva exists, and with your gift you can help make sure those gates stay open to everyone who feels God’s tug on his or her life and wants to go deeper.

Thank you for your continued support of Agua Viva. May God bless you this coming new year.