"And We're Off!"

"And We're Off!"
“And We’re Off!”

Soon a handful of us will be making giant flour tortillas in Sonora with Carmen, walking the cobblestone streets with Rogelio and the Huicholes, climbing the mountains of Arrayán with Linda and Andres. 

We’re about to leave on our annual missions trip to southern Mexico.  Only this time around it’s going to be more of an MTI trip—encouraging former students and recruiting new students.

Would you like to participate?

These “encouragement trips” are a lifeline to our dear ones out on the field.  They look forward to all of it—the hugs, the advice, the prayers, the devotionals, the talks around the campfire.  They cry when we leave, as if we were taking away a fresh water source.  Please consider investing with us.

It would be such a support to us if you would pray with us.  For specific intercession follow along on our itinerary posted below.

We are also requesting financial help with the trip for gas, food, tolls, offerings for the people we visit, and some hotel stays (minimal).  We anticipate that it will cost us around $3000.00 for 6 of us to travel for three weeks.

If you can help, visit our giving page and select “MTI Donation” in the dropdown box.  Thank you so much for all the ways that you support us!


18. Leave Ensenada—Carbó, Sonora

19. Sunday in Carbó

20. Carbó to Ruiz Cortinez, Sinaloa

21. Ruiz Cortinez to Mazatlan, to the Huicholes

21-25. Huicholes

26. Sunday with Huicholes

27-28. Half the group to Tecuala and half to Guadalajara

29. Tecuala to Barbacoas

30-31. Reunite in Cucharas, from Cucharas to Arrayan


2. Sunday in Arrayan.

3. Arrayan to Costa Rica, Sinaloa

4. Costa Rica to Culiacan, to Ruiz Cortinez

5. Ruiz Cortinez

6. Ruiz Cortinez to Carbó

7. Carbó a Ensenada