At our Ministry Training Institute we are blessed to have students passionate about Jesus that have decided to give God 4 months of their lives to learn more about Him and be trained in the calling that God has given them.

Among the new students we have at MTI this year is Armando. Armando is a man with an amazing story; a living example that the God of the Bible is alive and continues to do miracles. Before meeting Jesus Armando was involved with a gang and lived a lifestyle that got him sentenced to life imprisonment. Upon entering the prison, Armando lost all hope of being free. But it was there in prison that he had a personal encounter with Christ, and from that time gave his life to Jesus and began to live for Him, despite the circumstances he faced.

God took special care of Armando, protecting him even from death on several occasions. One of the most striking stories is when Armando was unjustly accused of making weapons, and as punishment was brought to the Security Housing Unit (SHU) at Pelican Bay Prison. The SHU is solitary confinement, and Armando didn’t understand why God allowed him to be blamed and punished for something he did not do. But the next day, one of the bloodiest prison riots in the history of California broke out. Many prisoners were wounded and stabbed with homemade weapons. Armando, and his ex-cellmate (who had committed the crime they were being punished for) were protected by God in a supernatural way and as Armando himself said, “There I understood that God let something bad happen to protect my life.”

There were many times when God took care of Armando, we wouldn’t have space to write all of the things God did for him while in prison.

For an inmate to bring to his case to the authorities for his freedom it is a difficult process, especially having a life sentence as in Armando’s case. But God gave him grace with a psychologist who advised him so he was able to speak properly before the authorities. It was a long process with many steps, taking lots of time, but at each point God gave Armando favor with the authorities. After a long time waiting, one day he got a letter from the governor stating that Armando was no longer considered a danger to society, leaving him in absolute freedom. Miraculously, he was set free. Having been sentenced to life imprisonment, Armando left after almost 18 years in prison.

It’s amazing how God worked to show his favor and glory in the life of Armando, and as he said, “The doors God opens, no one can close”

It’s been almost two years since Armando was released and he began a new life in Ensenada. Arriving in Ensenada he became involved in a church pastored by Miguel Trejo, a former student of MTI. The people of that church grew fond of Armando, nicknamed him “El Bro,” and quickly Armando began to serve in the church as leader of the evangelism team. No doubt his testimony is amazing, and we are delighted that Armando is part of the incoming MTI class. We know that God is already speaking into his life and teaching him things he never expected.

And just like Armando, our other MTI students have similarly amazing testimonies. We are thrilled that people with such passion for Jesus come to join what God is doing in this ministry.