Aventura Misionera 2013

El Tren Del Evangelio

Many of you have already seen the photos of this year’s Aventura Missionera and may be wondering what exactly a missions adventure is.  This event was put on with the help of multiple Ensenada churches as well as Agua Viva staff and seminary students.  Though there was a small cost to attend, local churches covered the cost for children from more rural communities, even driving them to and from their homes so they wouldn’t miss out.

The train-themed day started off with games and introductions, along with a new song or two for the kids to learn.  Afterward the kids split into smaller groups to visit workshops about different places where someone we know is doing missions work.  They got to hear from missionaries to Cuba, India, Arrayan, Tenzompa and more.  The kids had fun learning about what life is like in those areas, sampling the local food, and even learning how to say things like “beans,” “tortilla,” and “water” in other languages.  For many of those who came it was the first time hearing what a missionary is, and for some it was the first time they heard about Jesus.

After lunch we had games, including a bubble pool, bouncy castle, soccer, balloons and more.  And when the kids had worn themselves out from running around we brought them all into the sanctuary for a time of worship and the message of the Gospel.  At the end of the day some of the kids were already asking when the next Aventura Misionera would be!

It was a day of fun for those working as well as a rare treat for children who don’t often have the chance to come to an event this big.  One pastor told us that both his own children and the children he ministers to had a blast and couldn’t stop talking about their time here.  Also, did we mention that we had a real train?!  Be sure to check out the photos at facebook.com/AVMinistries.