Faith Bible ~ Canton, OH

Faith Bible

When the folks from Faith Bible in Canton, OH came to Agua Viva, they came ready to do work.  Some ran a traveling medical clinic and VBS while others stayed in one spot to do sports ministry, VBS, and a small construction project.  Those who stayed stationary were based in Heroes de la Independencia, a small town about one hour east of Ensenada.  Although the heat was tremendous in Heroes, the youth of Faith Bible went out and played soccer with the kids who came.  One of the youth, an MK who had played with a soccer club while living in Spain, was able to minister and bring the truth of the Gospel through his testimony to the kids while we rested after soccer.  On the last day at Heroes it was a sad parting, as we had spent a good deal of time getting to know the kids in the community.  After a time of prayer for the pastor and his family we said goodbye, knowing that we might not see each other again this side of eternity, but that God had worked it out that we should be together for at least this week.