Kaleo And Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo 2013

Gaby & Amy

Thanksgiving of 2013 was a time when we saw just about every aspect of our Missions Partnership Experience in action.  We have several church partnerships that have been in existence for over twenty years, the Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo and Monte Olivos partnership being one of them.  We think that a partnership that long-lasting is pretty cool; it says a lot about the love that two churches have for one another when they can work together through multiple decades.  Monte Olivos and CCMV both have a heart to reach Mexico for Christ, and this year they did that through VBS, a women’s tea, and a neighborhood cookout.

Kaleo Church El Cajón also played a big role this year alongside CCMV.  Both groups helped us put up a fence around our property line, clearing the path and stringing barbed wire like there was no tomorrow.  They also helped us make plenty of headway moving our massive sewage pipe into place.  Though the slow-going pipe work was discouraging for some, it was a blessing for us and another example of groups that lay the foundation for work that others will continue in the future.  Thank you Kaleo and CCMV!

Oh, and did we mention sports ministry?  Both groups pitched in to make a fun soccer ministry and clothing dispense happen in Colony 89, one of the poorer sections of Ensenada.  Children and their parents were presented with the gospel message, soccer balls, socks, shoes, toys, and love.  Lots of love.

We are always blessed when our U.S. and Canadian groups come down with loving and willing hearts, and this year was no exception.  We were particularly blessed by Kaleo’s desire to come alongside a young church and begin a new partnership.  The leadership of Kaleo Church El Cajón has a passion for church planting and discipleship, and what better outlet for this passion than a startup church in Mexico that is hungry for discipleship?  We love it when churches are purposeful about relationship building and putting their skills to use here in Mexico.  Thanks again Kaleo Church El Cajón and Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo for reaching Mexico for Christ.  Thanks for giving us plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

For more photos, look for the album on our Facebook page at facebook.com/AVMinistries.