Martinez Family

Martinez Family

It all started when Nora met Jason and Rigel at CCDMAC (Music Dynamics Training Center) currently known as “Instituto Canzión,” back in 1998. Nora says that her interest in missions came about during morning prayer times in which Jason would always pray for missionaries in different parts of the world. God started moving Nora’s heart toward missions. This was the first time Nora would be close with Rigel and Jason, only to end up working with them years down the road at Agua Viva Ministries.

The Martinez family is made up of José and Nora and their two kids Gamaliel and Aby. They are an amazing family that are currently serving as full-time volunteers at Agua Viva: teaching in MTI and working on special projects in every area of the ministry. At the start of this year José and Nora found themselves praying for Jason and Rigel, and through these prayers their interest was piqued to know more about Agua Viva. The Lord was indicating that it was time to move and take a step of faith, “We started to be afraid of the comfort we had and felt God was asking more of us,” Nora tells us. After praying and receiving confirmation from God, the Martinez family arrived at Agua Viva at the start of August to begin collaborating in the ministry.

We are quite happy to have the Martinez family here, and we would love to have you know a little bit of their story. The following is a shot bio of them, we hope that it is a blessing to you! 

Starting Out In Ministry

The Martinez family’s story starts April 16, 2003 when José and Nora met in Mexico city. After dating for a year, they got married and began the adventure that God had prepared for them.

Once married they began serving in a Bible institute called “Good News” in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. There they taught clases and served in different areas of the school. During this time José decided to respond to God’s call, and leave his job so that he and his wife could serve in the mountains of Oaxaca and Querétaro as full-time missionaries. It was a difficult decision, especially since José’s job paid quite well, but God’s call and will were priority for them, and they took the next step of faith.

Enter 2006 and their lives take another turn when José’s sister is kidnapped and killed, causing them to return to Mexico City to take care of his sister’s family. These were truly difficult times in which God tested their faith and total dependence on Him. In spite of everything, they continued to trust God and walk in obedience.

In Mexico City they begin to attend a church called “The Good Shepherd,” where they are asked to be the youth pastors, and they begin serving, preaching, and teaching the Word. After a time serving here, José receives a job offer in Jalapa, Veracruz; one that he would accept with the goal of giving a fresh start to his family (now with their son Gamaliel). And upon arriving to Veracruz, their second child Aby is born. For them Aby was a sign of God’s faithfulness, showing that God fulfills promises after the very difficult process of a previous miscarriage.

Having been in Veracruz for some time, they meet pastor Javier Perez, with whom they plant a church called “Hope of Life” where they serve in many areas, but mainly serving married couples. And in the midst of all these changes, they decide to open a restaurant called “Sazonarte” and continue with the new life God had given them.

This young family has lived all kinds of experiences, and in each one we see that God is the one who has been guiding them. And now the story continues in Ensenada, where they continue to see and experience God’s faithfulness.

The Martinez family mentions that this period of their lives has implied believing completely in God. Leaving their comfort, adapting to a new city, a different climate, has made them value God’s care in their lives. Without a doubt it has been a time of learning and preparation for what God has called them to. And despite the difficulties they have seen God’s hand acting in their favor, supplying their economic needs and best of all seeing Aby talk and speak, when the doctors had said that because of her autism she wouldn’t be able to.

We hope that the Martinez family’s story is a blessing to you, as they have certainly been a blessing to us at Agua Viva. We invite you to remember them in your prayers, that God would continue fulfilling his plans in their lives. It’s just like José said: “We know who God is, and we know who is our provider.”