MTI Graduation

MTI Graduation

Twenty-five Years, Two Cakes, and About a Hundred Balloons, The Facts and the Trivia


The facts: 


We held a great graduation on Saturday for our 12 beautiful MTI students, twenty-five years after the founding of the Ministry Training Institute in 1987.  The weather was beautiful for the first day of December.


Amidst the 100-plus colorful balloons, 150 guests gathered to share in the event, several from out of town.  Isaac, who graduated from MTI in its founding year, and Pablo, who graduated in 1988, were on hand to give testimonies of their time at the school and the fruit of it in their lives since then. 


Several of the students played guitars to music they learned in their classes, while some of their classmates sang.  The 20 professors were recognized for their generous help, and one of the professors gave the commencement speech on “How to Fulfill Your Mission.”


Our Third Level graduates, Fili, Luis and Edgar, were prayed over, anointed with oil and commissioned into the Lord’s service, while the audience looked on, tearfully. 


After a thankful ceremony giving God the glory, our guests were invited to a reception of coffee and two cakes, which read, “25 Years of MTI!” and, “Congratulations, Class of 2012!”


The trivia:

  • Isaac and Pablo both returned to MTI this school year, this time as professors!
  • At the ceremony, our American guests came from Nevada, Arizona and California.
  • It took several tanks of helium to fill the balloons, the help of 17 people and an hour and a half.
  • The praise band from a local church featured a saxophone.
  • The ceremony was set to begin at 10:00 a.m.  At 9:45 a.m. Becky and Allyson realized that the student graduation certificates had never been made.  Two staff members ran to the office and created them, printed them out and brought them over, just in time (mid-ceremony).  They were not signed until after the ceremony ended.
  • Every single speaker at the graduation took longer than he/she was supposed to, and the ceremony lasted 3 hours!
  • Fernando, a student in his mid-50’s who served on the weekends at a nearby rehab center, was blessed by the attendance of several of the men from the rehab center.   Fernando was one of the featured singers in the program, and although it was not his area of strength he sang with his whole heart.
  • At the end of the ceremony the audience was invited to return as students to MTI 2013 and several people took home information, including two staff members!  Our best estimate is that the enrollment for next year will be at least double.
  • Every piece of the two cakes was devoured!