MTI Graduation 2013

Anointing Alicia

This last Saturday we had to say farewell to our beloved seminary students until next fall.  We are especially proud of the five students who completed their third and final year at MTI and we are excited for what the Lord will be doing through them as they enter the ministry field in earnest.  And although we are sad to see all our students go and do not relish the quiet that their absence will create for the next few months, we know that this is the season in which they put into practice all they have learned in the last 14 weeks.

José and Silvia are excited to get back to full-time ministry in their small church, excited to expand their ministry and meet the needs of their community.  Elias is looking forward to being even more involved with the youth and the worship team at his church, now with a fresh perspective and more training under his belt.  All of the students have their own dreams and hopes for ministry, and this time in their home communities begins the realization of these dreams.

Our assistant academic coordinator Angel summed it up well: “MTI Graduation 2013: We conclude another year in the Ministry Training Institute.  Each day we were surprised by God and by his word that was so penetrating in our lives.  God worked on us personally and directly in such a way that he revealed who we are through his word.  So with humble hearts led by the Holy Spirit we entrust ourselves completely to the good potter who shapes our being” (translated, paraphrased).

To the 2013 students of MTI, we say thank you.  Thank you for your willingness to learn and to be molded into God’s image.  Thank you for your desire to serve and for your ability to see the greater things that God has in store.  We love you and will pray with you in this season, and know that we look forward to when we will be reunited, whether next fall or in eternity.  Dios les bendiga grandemente.