New Kitchen Staff Addition


On December 1, 2007 we celebrated the graduation of 51 students in our Ministry Training Institute. One of the students, Norma, was selected to become one of our kitchen staff.

She was selected in order to assist her in two of her life goals.

Norma  is participating on staff to earn enough to help complete the second level of MTI before she goes back to her hometown, Chiapas.

Secondly, she wants to improve her Spanish; her second language. She anticipates that his improvement will help her understand the lessons she learned at MTI this year and will help her understanding of Scriptures. This will improve her  ministry skills when she returns to Chiapas.

My name is Norma Rosalba Vazquez Sanchez. I am from the State of Chiapas. I am from a small community called Frontera Corozal.

Coming to know Jesus was not easy for me. When I was five years old my grandfather would take me to the Catholic Church. I did not understand anything the priest said. When I was thirteen years old my grandfather passed away and I was left with an empty heart. I did not share with anyone how empty I felt. When my friends came to the house I told them nothing of how I felt. Later when I went to school my other friends saw that I looked very sad. They brought other friends to me who told me about the Word of God, about how I would never be alone if I had Jesus, and that He loved me very much. They explained to me that God died for us, for our sins, and to save us. One of them invited me to her church and I went. I attended that church for a year when I began to understand God alone is the one that made me and to understand what John 3:16 is all about. I accepted Christ as my Savior.

On March 27, 2007 I felt the presence of God telling me that I was not alone. My cousin, Manuel, told me about the Bible seminary [MTI] that he studied at. He said that if I attended I would understand the Word of God very well. I did not imagine that God had a plan for me to attend such a school as MTI where I could learn the Word of God, and other important lessons.

I desire to continue my studies and to learn to submit myself more to the Lord Jesus Christ so that I can tell my family about the True Word of God. Seeing my family not knowing God makes me very sad. I desire to tell them and others of my community about Christ. This is why I love MTI and I desire to help out in this ministry.

Thanks for praying for Norma as she adjusts and grows into this new and very important position.  We are confident that all of our guests will appreciate the meals she helps create.