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But, not these...

The Incredible Oversized Blessing of Summer

It’s true.   Once again we have been blessed by God in a big and rich way.

It is such a big blessing that we’re not sure if we can handle it, logistically.

God has given us 11, yes, ELEVEN summer staff for 2013.  Eleven!  Some of them are returnees from previous years (praise the LORD!) and some of them will be staying on as full-time staff when the summer is over (praise the LORD twice!).

More staff  =  we need more of almost everything.  We are thanking God that groups recently renovated the summer staff cabins and made them very comfortable.

But we don’t have enough vehicles to move all our staff around. 

Currently we have need of vehicles for transporting multiple passengers (mini-vans or larger), trucks for hauling materials, and an economy car for visitation to pastors.  We need them in good condition, and we will need them at Agua Viva (or at least to San Diego) by May 31.

Write us at general@aguaviva.com if you can help us accommodate our oversized blessing. We are grateful!