So how did that first Power Weekend go?

So how did that first Power Weekend go?

How’d they do? 

Brent reports that the steel decking is ready, complete with meshing and forms for holding in the cement. The stairway steel forms have been built, awaiting the treads, and the landings are formed awaiting the cement. The solar house concrete floor is poured, and the framing and trusses are up.

Welding and hammering away...Welding and hammering away…Yea!

And what did people think about the weekend?

Melissa of Agua Viva says, "I was blessed to get to be with a bigger part of the Agua Viva team. The power weekend was a reminder of the people [besides staff] who give their time and gifts and are invested in reaching Mexico for Christ. They don’t just come down for a week and then go back to their lives in the US. They have made Agua Viva part of their lives. So now when I talk about people being invested in the ministry I have a picture of what that looks like."

Brent of Agua Viva says, "God was working in everybody to make the event great."

Dave working away....Dave working away….Dave Ingwaldson of Cornerstone of Livermore says, "It was a great trip. Without a doubt you guys were praying about it. The love just shone through. One of the best things about the trip was hearing the testimonies of the MTI students."

Dennis Ackley of VCC of Dublin says, "I learned this Dennis Ackley surveys the new second floor....Dennis Ackley surveys the new second floor….weekend that MTI is really working. I was working side by side with Alejandro, just thinking that he was this construction guy. Then he got up and gave the morning devotional and I found out that he was an MTI student and a passionate preacher of the Word! MTI is working. Look at what it’s producing!"

More Power Trips coming up. Stay tuned