The MTI class of 2013...

The MTI class of 2013...

    The sun climbed high and hot into the sky.  The breeze whipped the welcome signs and balloons around but did not pop them.  And the students came.

    From Nayarit, from Sinaloa, from the state of Mexico, from the southern-most part of the Baja Peninsula they came.

    The new students timidly found their name tags and put them on.  Timidly they received their school supplies and dorm supplies; timidly they entered their new dorm rooms.  The returning students exchanged huge smiles and back-pounding hugs; laughing and recalling old memories they threw their supplies on their bunks.

    Entering the meeting room for the opening service the students were greeted with a banner, big and bold, saying “SENT,” MTI 2013 and some verses from Isaiah 61.  At some point they will be.  Sent.

    19 students have been welcomed in this year. At a gathering they told us what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

4 want to be missionaries

6 want to be evangelists

5 want to be pastors

2 want to be teachers

2 want to be worship leaders

We are thrilled to be a part of the launching of those lofty and noble goals.