The Story of the Chairs and Mattresses

The Story of the Chairs and Mattresses

Once upon a time there was a campground, settled in the oak trees of northern Mexico.  It had a lovely, although primitive beginning and the housing on the property was quaint.

But then that little ministry began to grow, and with it new dormitories rose up out of nothing, and pretty soon there were 300 bunk beds, all needing mattresses. 

About that time a ship came into the nearby port of Ensenada, and decided to off-load its mattresses.  The people of the ship sold 300 mattresses to the people of the campground for $300.  Used, but in decent condition, for a very nice price.

Right around the same time a very good church north of the border donated its still sturdy church chairs to the campground because the cushions had worn thin.

Fast forward about 15 years.  Those mattresses have taken a beating.  Stained and torn and matted down, the people of the campground put out a call for help! And some very nice friends sent money for new mattresses.


Then those old mattresses sat around in a pile while the people of the campground thought and thought about them.  And one day the thought occurred to those people,  “We could take off the outside cover and cut up the inner cushion and replace the worn cushions in the chairs we got all those years ago!”

And the campground people did that.

And then the people of the campground were so content because old mattresses went to a new use in old chairs while new mattresses covered the old bunk beds.   Everything was cushiony again, and all the sleeping and sitting guests were happy.