Throwback Thursday: Cross Restoration

Throwback Thursday: Cross Restoration

Welcome to the inaugural Throwback Thursday post.  If you are reading this you are in luck, because today’s update is a twofer in which you get to read a little about how the cross that you see at Agua Viva came to be, as well as how we recently restored the very same cross after our latest fire.  To see more pictures be sure to visit our page at

The cross at Agua Viva is a longstanding symbol of our faith that is visible to countless passersby, a symbol that has endured many years.  At the outset the cross was a smaller, wooden cross, a simple reminder that we serve a gracious God who sent his son to die for us.  In time though, God put into the hearts of those involved with Agua Viva the desire to build a more permanent structure.  These brothers and sisters put together a metal frame covered in wood, painted it white, carried up the hill, and bolted it into a firm foundation where all could see it.  This is the cross by which many of you have prayed, stargazed, and praised God, and this is the same cross that burned in the fire that hit Agua Viva in September of 2013.

Here’s the awesome thing about the cross in the fire: only the wood burned away, leaving the metal structure as strong as ever.  It’s so cool that even when we suffer losses here at Agua Viva the foundation poured by those who came before us remains.  And there is no firmer foundation than Christ the solid rock.

As sweet as the metal cross looked from up close, we wanted to make sure that it was still visible to those who drive by, so the other week the staff took time to replace the wood on the cross.  Before we restored the cross, we took time to share testimonies of how God worked through the fire, how he is already working to bring about new growth post-fire.  We also wrote down prayer requests for the ministry, placed these at the foot of the cross, and sealed them in with the new wood.  We are blessed by God’s faithfulness, we know that he desires to work powerfully through Agua Viva, and we wait expectantly to see how he will answer our prayers.

Take some time to look through the photos, and join with us as we reflect on God’s past goodness and look forward to his future provision.